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I thank you for your questions about silver. Let me set the record straight. Diluted silver has been used for many years in medical practice by topical applications. Manufacturers of dietary supplements have used dilutions of parts per million of silver often in colloid format, for its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. There is emerging evidence of its value, but silver cannot be given in a prolonged manner because it can be absorbed and deposited in body tissues over a period of time. It has dose related toxicity for the body.  In general terms, silver is a heavy metal and it is a tissue fixative with defined toxicity in high dosage.

You ask specifically about the administration of intravenous silver. I cannot in anyway whatsoever recommend that anyone take intravenous silver. One could anticipate that this practice may be on occasion dangerous. There are compounding pharmacies that prepare silver preparations for intravenous injections and I believe that this should stop immediately. I cannot see any logical reason to give intravenous silver and every medical practitioner must act with compliance with the dictum “above all do no harm” (Hippocrates). My simple complete affirmative answer is do not use intravenous silver which remains very speculative in its use and not researched for its safety and effectiveness.

Carolyn Thomas

Vitacost sent me your article on what kind of supplements you rec'd for a good nights sleep.
The email must have been deleted, could you forward me that one again.
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